What a great weekend here in Chicago, with slightly cooler temps, and lower humidity and tons of runners out on the paths… so many appearing so pleased (and proud!) to be “out there” running.

Which is what this whole marathon training experience should be all about!

Okay, let’s be honest. There’s a really good chance that you’re not going to win the marathon (gasp!)… so you might as well ‘enjoy the heck’ out of your training, and enjoy anticipating the (unimaginable) thrill of “running Chicago” on Marathon Day.

So whether you’re training for your “first ever” marathon or your “tenth ever”… just have a GREAT time.

And I’m not talking about the ‘time’ on your watch… I’m talking about having a “great time.” Period.

Marathoners are, by nature, a rather competitive bunch. (Or haven’t you noticed?)

Which is a good thing, as it keeps us always moving forward and always striving to achieve our ‘next goal.’ But at the same time, being (too) competitive can be a not good thing… as we get SO serious about our pace and our plan and our times that we often lose-out on the joy of “just running.”

We’re now starting the really long ‘long-run’ stage of marathon training—all the more reason to run with your shoulders back and your head up, and with a smile on your face (and in your heart!) because of what you’re going to achieve on October 8…

                         YOU’RE GOING TO RUN THE CHICAGO MARATHON!

Until then, my wish for each of you is that you continue to have a safe (read: “injury-free”) training experience; and that on Marathon Day you’re standing at the ‘START’ with a confident and determined spirit, and with an able and healthy body.

But mostly (mostly!)…  I wish you the joy of “just running.”

Train safe. Run strong.

Finish proud.





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